Thursday, October 22, 2020
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ConSept Consulting Limited
United Kingdom

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Pharmaceutical and life science companies are faced with new to make more efficient use of scarce resources, how to leverage new technologies, and how to ensure that processes remain competitive and value focused.

Meeting the challenge

ConSept Consulting is a performance improvement and change management consultancy providing services to pharmaceutical drug development.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and their hands-on experience ensures a participative and pragmatic style to meet client needs and expectations. We can provide companies with the methodologies and knowledge to ensure the development of implementable strategies, business-focused solutions and phased implementations that maximize success.

Our company understands the strategic importance of eClinical as technology, processes and data standards continue to evolve and integrate within biopharmaceuticals and healthcare. Keeping pace with future trends is essential in improving the efficiency and speed of clinical research and in getting innovative medicines to patients.  

The group focuses on improving business performance through innovative process design, the streamining of data flow, better communication of information, and enhanced staff competencies. By integrating system, process and people change, the time required to develop and deliver new medicines can be greatly reduced.

ConSept Consulting consultants have worked extensively with change driven by technology solutions, and they have been directly involved in structuring and implementing eClinical solutions, such as Electronic Data Capture. The group provides access to extensive industry experience, emerging technologies and performance expectations for eClinical. ConSept Consulting is retained by the eClinical Forum to help the industry maximize the success of eClinical initiatives.

Through an extensive partner network, ConSept Consulting can draw upon specialists to meet a wide variety of service needs providing the flexibility and expertise to help clients turn vision into reality.

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