Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Many strategies fail because of a lack of buy-in or understanding, or just because of poor communication. ConSept Consulting consultants can assist your company in aligning its communications strategy with your organisational objectives. We can help you to develop or execute any individual component of internal communications, including employee communications, management communications, and change management communications.

Comprehensive change plans developed collaboratively with ConSept Consulting may include the following communication elements:
  • Identifying the target communication audiences.
  • Developing communications messages and branding.
  • Identifying the appropriate tools and activities (newsletters, magazines, websites, reports, events, etc.) to communicate key messages to your audiences.
  • Coaching staff members to build cross-functional communications competence.
ConSept Consulting consultants have experience in writing and editing print and online publications, building and managing company intranets and external websites, developing company blogs and podcasts, and creating online collaboration and knowledge sharing applications that support and increase the efficiency of your employees.
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