Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Identifying Opportunity and Managing Value Minimize
We help clients evaluate their performance environment by looking at internal best practices and at industry, regulatory and technology trends. Our access to external benchmarking data and our approach to measuring internal performance minimises data gathering and helps you to achieve your business goals.

Where appropriate we can customise generic models and simulations to assess the impact of change on performance in a ‘What if?’ environment. Our business case templates can be quickly tailored to provide a rational basis for assessing scenarios, communicating expectations and requesting funding.

ConSept Consulting tools and techniques can be used for:

  • Defining the value of the change for the business.
  • Targeting the value at the appropriate process using decision-support tools and process simulations.
  • Checking the health of the organisation and monitoring performance using appropriate benchmarking tools and metrics frameworks to measure the impact of change.

Measure the value and impact of change with a ConSept Consulting-designed metrics environment

  • Know where you are:
    • vs. Goals/Targets
    • vs. rest of Industry.
  • Know the opportunity: Where you are today vs. where you could be.
  • Build a business case to secure funding.
  • Set realistic targets rather than rule-of-thumb.
  • Communicate success.
  • Monitor performance and the impact of change.
  • Identify improvements.
  • Simulate processes for ‘What-if’ scenarios
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