Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Organisational design, in today’s competitive environment and with an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions, is a never-ending process. Design and redesign are now central to organisational life.

Designing a physical environment that promotes organisational success involves studying the effectiveness of existing organisational components, objectives and matrix structure.  

ConSept Consulting uses a series of action steps to help develop and implement a new organisational design. The first step in this process involves assessing the current situation and how well it functions, and reviewing trends and issues that may affect its performance.

After examining a number of key factors, particularly the company mission, goals, critical success factors, business processes and stakeholders, a collaborative development process is begun.

Using an in-depth analysis to examine growth objectives, organisational span of control, centralised vs. decentralised structure options, and both enterprise and individual performance metrics, the optimal organizational structure can be selected.

The last step before launching the new organizational design is developing a comprehensive change plan to successfully launch the new organization. ConSept Consulting can assist you in this effort, including developing a communication strategy, conducting an impact analysis on how the proposed changes will impact the current organisation, getting the right metrics-based management program—using key business drivers—in place, and providing workshops, tools and techniques for development skills training.

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